According to an article on Wired, indie game publisher Gathering of Developers, aka GODGames, has shut its doors. This comes less than a month after the release of their instantly successful Max Payne.

    GodGames will shutter its Texas headquarters, with virtually all of the staff moving on to Substance, a new DVD-based periodical. The GodGames name will continue to be used as a label by Take2 Interactive of New York, its corporate parent.
This comes nipping at the heels of other gaming house takeovers and closures such as Dynamix being shut down by parent company Sierra late last week. GODGames published not only shooters such as Max Payne and Serious Sam but also the somewhat popular anime-fighting game Oni, the metal-inspired KISS Psycho Circus and Heavy Metal FAKK 2, as well as a trio of lackluster games based on The Blair Witch Project.