GameGirlz has posted a new preview (based on playing a Beta version) of Blue fang and Microsoft's upcoming Zoo Tycoon simulation game. Quote:

    "Not only do you have to keep your employees and animals happy, but if you want to make money you'll also have to keep your visitors happy while touring the zoo. This means frequently adding new animals and exhibits, along with providing an attractive and clean park. You'll need to do thing like add food stalls, public washrooms, and places for your visitors to sit to eat and places with a good view from which they can watch the animals. If you don't provide adequate upkeep, you'll need to lower your entrance fee, and even adjust the prices of items at food stands. While this may seem like a solution to adding costly shrubs and staff, it really is only a temporary solution since your park rating will end up going down and you'll lose visitors anyway if they don't like the way your zoo looks."