Word is that the official UK web site for Blacklight: Tango Down has gone live. The site features videos, screenshots a fan site kit and information on the game, including map details, the game's weaponry and enemy breakdown.

"On the site, fans will find information about each of the maps, intelligence briefings on the game's weaponry, and a breakdown of the enemies they will encounter in the "Black Ops" cooperative missions.

The site breaks down into the following four main categories:

§ THE GAME: This section showcases the background of the Blacklight world as well as other features including factions, maps, game modes, and armory.

§ MEDIA: Watch explosive new trailers and stay tuned for upcoming behind-the-scenes development diaries; also view hi-res screenshots to whet your appetite for the game.

§ COMMUNITY: Download the media kit to build out an existing website, or email us to join our list of fan and community sites. Also check out our partners who are pushing us closer the future each day!

§ NEWS: The number one source for all news related to Blacklight: Tango Down, including updates on the game's release, previews, reviews, exclusive tournaments, developer blogs, and interviews."