Funcom have revealed the retail box contents of Age of Conan's first expansion, Rise of the Godslayer. The retail box will come with the main AoC game, the expansion, 30 days of free game time and exclusive in-game items.

"New customers will be given 30 days of free game time with the bundle. All customers who register their version up until May 25, 2010 will get an exclusive new in-game pet as a pre-order reward. The Loyal Kappa, a powerful reptile, is a pet that aids the player by casting beneficial spells in battle.

In addition to the free playing time this retail version offers a unique bundle of virtual items, some of which are not available for purchase online:

- Exclusive in-game pet puma: This tamed cat of prey follows the player wherever he goes and cannot be bought online. The social pet is exclusively available with this retail product giving the player a unique companion.

- Snow mammoth: A huge combat mount that the players can ride into battle.

- Totem of Origins: A magical item that transfers the character to his/her cultural home city at any time.

- Enruned Kosalan Ring: this piece of jewellery increases the damage output of its wearer in a battle.

- Bag of Holding: This convenient bag increases the characters' capacity to carry items (20 slots).

- Stack of potions: Ten consumable potions that increase XP gain by 100% for 12 hours.

- Fireworks: Two different fireworks can be fired off by the player at joyous occasions."