According to newsage recieved from, VIA has gotten together with several motherboard and memory manufacturers, to assist in bringing the P4X266 chipset to market as quickly as possible.

    According to a report on Economic Times, VIA is tying up with mainboard manufacturers and memory makers to launch the P4X266 DDR chipset. To date, VIA hasn't got the green light from Intel, but VIA is not wasting time. VIA has the chance of the cross licensing agreement with Intel from S3 and NS to be the first to attack the P4 DDR market.

    On the other hand, 128MB DDR has dropped to below USD 30. It is getting very close to the price of SDRAM which is staggering around the USD 20 mark. The same amount of RDRAM will cost USD 70. This will definitely help to boost the DDR platforms.

  What this means for you and I is that before too long, perhaps september or october, boards may be rolling out which combine the P4 with DDR memory, RAID controllers, and other Cool Shit (tm).