gamigo AG have announced the start of the European English Fiesta Online closed beta test. Everyone who signs up on the official site has the chance to get hold of one of the limited beta slots.

"To test the game with a bigger audience, players can now register at for a slot in the beta period. Over time, more and more applicants will get unlocked to play. Participants in the test have no obligations, but helpful criticism and suggestions in the forums are welcome. After a few weeks, an open beta period will commence, that allows every player who signs up on the site to play right away."

"After the successful German launch, we are very excited to invite thousands of new European players to the exciting world of Fiesta Online", says Elmar Kofler, Product Manager of Fiesta, "But this is only our first step to offer the game to a European audience. We listened to the consumer feedback and included their suggestions into this completely reworked translation."