Our friends at Chaloner sent us this:

Another milestone has been taken: Bounty Bay Online has entered the open beta phase. From now on until release, every gamer can enter the historic 15th century world for free and become a pirate, merchant or explorer. During the open beta phase, final adjustments to the game and its balancing will be done according to player feedback, until the game hits store shelves in mid September.

During the open beta phase, spectacular events will take place bringing the historic world to life and adding fun as well immersion to the players. Also, more and more content exclusive to Bounty Bay Online will make the known world grow and give sailors new courses to plot for stunning discoveries.

Already included is a unique pet system where players find fury sidekicks through special quests, enabling them to be accompanied by birds, but also by bears and wolves which even help in landfights.

The open beta phase starts immediately. As the closed beta has ended, a character wipe has been made, resulting in all players starting from scratch. The open beta starts with an updated version of the game. All players will be able to take their characters created in the open beta, into the final version which will start mid September.

Some features of Bounty Bay Online

- More than 60 historical cities and ports

- More than 1,500 discoveries - from the Chinese Wall to the Egyptian pyramids

- Enhanced skill system: Become a powerful pirate, merchant or explorer

- Crafting system: Become a farmer, shipbuilder, blacksmith or another historic profession

- Guilding: Each guild has their own guilding house, can take cities under siege, and much more

- Comprehensive quest-system and epic duties

- More than 100 historic ships, from the simple sailing boat to spectacular frigates

Bounty Bay Online puts gamers in the time of early discoveries in the 15th century. Every gamer builds his own online destiny, whether you choose to be a merchant, adventurer, fisherman or pirate. Besides Europe, Africa and Asia also await players to be explored.

For more information visit: http://www.bountybayonline.com

So what are you waiting for me-hearties, go and set sail to shape the future of this new MMORPG.