You've probably read the Dawn of War and Dark Crusade reviews, well, one part of the game I feel is sadly lacking in exposure happens to be mods. Over the next few months we'll be taking a look at some of the best of the best out there and be bringing you news, insider looks and mod-developer diaries.

But to kick off the anticipation, if you haven't yet downloaded and installed Dawn of War (Dark Crusade) Pro, aka DCPro, you really need to.

This isn't just a mod that adds new models for the sake of it, no, DCPro is focussed on balance and gameplay.

You can get the mod (which will be the first in our 40K Mod spotlight) from:

The team are extremely professional and the mod deserves some support, as you'll see when Games Xtreme sits down and talks to the developers about the mod and some of the issues.

Stay tuned.

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