Direct from Ubisoft!

As a reward for buying our previous Clancy titles, those gamers who have already played Splinter Cell Double Agent and/or Rainbow Six Vegas will be able to unlock some exclusive headgear for their characters in GRAW2. GRAW2, searches the 360's hard drive and if it finds a saved game of Rainbow Six Vegas and/or Splinter Cell Double Agent, it will unlock the multiplayer headgear for the gamers..

There are 4 scenarios and this is how they will all work. If the owner of GRAW2 has:

1) GRAW2 and NO saved games of R6: V and SC: DA, there will be 4 slots of MP headgear that are locked.

2) GRAW2 and R6V. 2 sets of headgear mimicking R6: V will become unlockable in MP.

3) GRAW2 and SC: DA. 2 sets of headgear mimicking SCDA will become unlockable in MP.

4) GRAW2, R6V, and SC: DA, they will have 4 extra headgear unlocked.

Christian Allen, MP Creative Director at Red Storm Entertainment said: "A bunch of our fans not only play Ghost Recon, but other Tom Clancy titles as well. Having unlockable headgear in GRAW2 multiplayer is a way to reward them and to incorporate other Clancy franchises into our game."

In addition to this, the GRAW2 launch trailer has now been released! Click below for the relevant files: - stream (3.8Mb) - Download (19.7Mb)