A headsup from Datel on their newest products!

• WiFi MAX for Wii and NDS

Our latest release in the WiFi MAX range is for the Wii and the DS/DS Lite. It turns your broadband-enabled PC into a wireless access point, so you can get online wirelessly with your Wii and/or DS.

• Wii MAX Memory 1GB

A 1GB SD card for the Wii. It comes preloaded with PowerSaves for top Wii games. These are save positions which contain in-built cheats such as Infinite Lives, All Weapons and more, powered by Action Replay.

• Trans•Mem

Wii 1GB Trans•Mem is a 1GB memory card which boasts both SD and USB connections. You can use it to transfer material to and from your PC for storage, to email it, or to enjoy digital data on your Wii as well as your PC.

• Ultimate Codes for Pokémon

EVERY Pokémon title on the Game Boy Advance, trained and tamed. Every code we've ever produced for a GBA Pokémon title is here.