Welcome to the Calypso Casino:

This map follows on from the Mexico map and is one of six different game maps in the single player mode of the game. Ubisoft will reveal the rest of the four maps gradually over the coming weeks.



More information about the level:

When arriving in Las Vegas, you'll meet with your new team mates, Michael Walter and Jung Park. After landing on the strip, you'll realize that terrorists took over this area of the city. In order to reach the Calypso Casino, where terrorists are holding NATO advisor Dr. Philip Smythe hostage, you'll need to land on the famous strip and make your way through emergency vehicles and abandoned cars.

Once you'll successfully infiltrate the Calypso Casino, you'll be trading fire in a dazzling casino floor, in a dramatic atrium and in the security vault. Attacks will come from all sides, so you've got to stay alert and cover all the angles.

Using tactics will be key to successfully rescue this NATO advisor especially but why a NATO hostage? What is he doing in Las Vegas?