Monte Cristo Games, an independent game company located in Paris, announced that its city builder game, City Life, is now available via Steam, Valve's digital distribution platform.

"Offering City Life to the 10 million Steam gamers was an easy decision for Monte Cristo Games," said St├ęphane Grand-Chavin, international sales director. "Through this leading online platform for PC games delivery and management, we are able to connect to an audience that is larger than many countries."

City Life, a next-generation city builder, is the latest release from European publisher and developer, Monte Cristo Games. Delivering next generation graphics and detail to the city builder genre, City Life boasts highly realistic settings, reflection mapping, dynamic shadowing, and an immersion mode that enables players to move about the cities from a first-person perspective.

"City Life expands the library of strategy games on Steam, and marks the first offering from the city building category," says Jason Holtman, Valve's director of business development.

Available now via Steam for $39.95, City Life offers a new style of gameplay for city builders everywhere.