I absolutely love the Warhammer world, the fantasy Old World is probably one of the first big RPG's I ever played back in the mists of time. So when I spotted this press release thanks to a PR company...I had to post something about the game!

You can find the game trailers here:

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos trailers

This news relates to the High Elf trailer that's recently been released.

A Kind of Magic

High Elves are an ancient, magical race that left the Old World many centuries ago, retreating to the hidden island of Ulthuan. They returned to the Old World by ships during the Great War, lending their magic and skill to the human ranks to push the Chaos invasion back. After the war, many elves stayed in the Old World and taught the realm of men some of their magic. The High Elves see themselves as protectors of the world, and will go to war again alongside the ranks of humans to thwart Chaos again.

Elven magic derives from a pure form of Chaos energy and is far more powerful than the magic used by men. A High Elf Mage on the battlefield is a powerful ally, and it's truly an awesome spectacle when he is wielding his spells. Because of their gifts in magic their ability to forge unique items and armour is also great. Quite often, you will see a High Elf wearing a magical piece of armour that was handed down to him, from father to son.

In addition to magic, the high elves are surgical warriors, whose orderly ranks and precise attacks make them deadly even in small numbers. They strike in the perfect balance of speed and strength, centuries of practice put to use on the battlefield. Their training in the physical arts can be as fanatical as their natural talents commanding the winds of magic. Thus, making them twice as deadly as an enemy. Even though Spearman are only militia, because of decades of training, they are still as deadly as any paid soldier.

It is a rarity to even see a dragon in the sky, but in times of great need, dragons can still be awakened to aid the High Elves in war. A High Elf Prince will be riding the great beast commanding units and laying waste to regiments of the enemy.


The majority of warriors in the High Elven armies are citizen rather than professional soldiers. This militia is a form of the part-time army in which all take their turn to serve, every Elf providing his own battle gear in defence of his home and country.

As his familiarity with the horrors of battle grows, he will eventually be promoted to the Spearman. This is the senior arm of the militia, and is expected to fight bravely in the main line of battle. With decades of experience behind him, an Elf can don the armour of a Spearman and join his fellows in the rigorous training needed to fight efficiently as one body.

Ellyrian Reavers

The descendants of generations of expert horse warriors, these lightly armed cavalrymen are experts at scouting, and form the eyes and ears of most of the High Elven armies. They range many miles around the army seeking enemy troops, places of ambush and advantageous sites where the army can defend itself or give battle. Once battle is joined, the Reavers will ride around the flanks of the army, skirmishing with the enemy scouts and then turning the flanks of the enemy army, charging them in the rear as the rest of the host engages them in front.

High Elf Mage

The Archmage are the pinnacle of High Elven magical knowledge. These are the battle mages, who accompany their armies and masters of their art, wielding awesome powers with which to strike down their enemies. The Archmage are of the most powerful and influential individuals rivalling the High Elf Princes. On the battlefield, they can be seen directing the deadly High Elven armies as well as casting powerful magic.

SwordMasters of Hoeth

There are many ways to travel the path of wisdom. Some fast and meditate for years, others study obscure and arcane tomes, but for a few their truth path lies in

martial prowess. These are the Swordmasters, though they are not only experts with a blade; they also learn to fight with their bare hands or with any other weapon they can reach, especially their finely balanced ceremonial greatswords.

Dragon Prince

The noble families have lead the High Elf people through times of peace and conflict for thousands of years. They pride themselves on their deep sense of honour and mastery of both the arts of diplomacy and war, taught to them from a young age. In times of conflict, they demonstrate this prowess through their flexibility, perfectly capable of fighting with unmatched skill in the thick of the melee or commanding their armies from a distance, directing the flow of battle as need dictates.

More information can be found here at the Warhammer: Mark of Chaos official site