Hot off the presses today:

Datel has released MAX Media Player 1.22, the latest version of its media player for Nintendo DS, as a free download. Supplied on a DS cart, MAX Media Player boasts a fully featured browser from where you can access data stored on your Media Dock, sold separately or as a bundle.

MAX Media Player 1.22 lets you play videos right out of the box, without installing MoonShell or other such third-party application on your MAX Media Dock or 4GB HDD! Version 1.01 introduced MP3 playback without installing any third-party software, and now, with Version 1.22, there's support for D3V video playback too!

The new version of MAX Media Player interface is just as simple to use as the old one. To play a video or audio file, use the browser to navigate to where the file is stored on your Media Dock, and double-tap the file. This automatically opens the Media Player software, with its easy-to-use playback controls. And putting files onto your Media Dock is just as simple as before too. Just connect the device to your PC using the USB cable supplied, and drag and drop your MP3s and D3Vs into the correct folders.

But how do you create D3V video files? How do you convert your AVIs, MP4s, WMVs and more to the correct format for MAX Media Player? Easy - you use a brand-new application created especially for this purpose. MAX DS Video Converter is available free from the Support and Downloads section of the MAX Media Player mini-site.

Using MAX DS Video Converter is really simple. Just open the application and browse for the video file you would like to convert. Once you've selected the file, click the 'Encode' button to begin encoding. MAX DS Video Converter uses settings optimised for playback on your Media Dock to transcode a wide range of source video types such as .avi, .mpg, .mov and more. Now just drag and drop the completed D3V movie file to your Media Dock and you're ready to play it back on your DS.

And remember, proud as we are of MAX Media Player v1.22, we won't rest on our laurels. Our programmers are already working on the next version of this sizzling software, so keep checking back for updates.

For more information on MAX Media Player, and its companion device MAX Media Dock, see (UK) or (USA). Prices range from £29.99/£39.99 to £129.99/$189.99 depending on the bundled storage solution. All versions are in the shops now, and can also be bought direct at or by calling 08456 010 015.