SEGA of America, Inc. and SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced Full Auto 2: Battlelines developed for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system. Full Auto 2: Battlelines combines weapon-equipped vehicles with fully destructible urban environments for fierce car combat and calculated destruction. Full Auto 2: Battlelines also introduces a new Arena Mode featuring six different arenas specifically designed to allow for one of a kind multiplayer car combat. Environmental destruction plays an important role in Full Auto 2: Battlelines. Players strategically destroy the environment to dynamically change track conditions. As original racing lines are blocked and new paths are opened up. Environmental destruction can also be used as a weapon as cars are crushed by falling debris caused by well timed missiles.

"Full Auto 2: Battlelines features some of the most destructible environments ever seen in a video game," said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. "The intentional destruction of the environment will play an integral role in gameplay as classic racing lines are altered or removed completely by savvy players with well executed long range missile tactics."

Full Auto 2: Battlelines has been combat-enhanced with an extensive list of features entirely new to the franchise. Combatants will have access to over 25 different customisable vehicles ranging from classic muscle cars and low riders to monstrous SUV's and heavy industry vehicles, with a multitude of outrageous paint schemes, and numerous wheel styles. Players can customise combinations of over 20 different weapons before obliterating the competition in explosive style and grace on over 20 different tracks.

Full Auto 2: Battlelines features a multi-path single-player campaign and numerous online multiplayer arenas upping the destruction ante. The game is packed with six different carnage-filled multiplayer game modes perfect for team-play. These modes range from classic Deathmatches and Base Assaults to Gladiator-style gameplay.

Developed by Pseudo Interactive, Full Auto 2: Battlelines also features the popular "Unwreckâ„¢" feature allowing players to rewind time and get a second chance at escaping death. All of these features culminate in the most exhilarating combat-racing experience in single-player and online multiplayer modes available for the PlayStation 3.