Lucky Jump Games announced today that it has completed development on Garfield and His Nine Lives for Nintendo Game Boy Advance. The Game Factory selected Lucky Jump Games to develop the new Garfield game after a successful collaboration on Noddy: A Day in Toyland for Game Boy Advance. Garfield and His Nine Lives will be released to stores worldwide in April 2006.

The Garfield game features nine different levels, each with its own song and multiple objectives. There are also hidden areas and detailed graphics to provide a rich backdrop for Garfield's quests. Three difficulty levels add to the challenge and provide hours of replayable action as everyone's favorite feline acts fast to survive his adventures.

Executive Producer William Baffy comments, "We wanted to emulate the fun platforming titles of the classic Super Nintendo and Genesis systems, while still maintaining the style and humor of the Garfield comic strips."

The game features over 160 frames of animation for Garfield, giving him the ability to jump, kick, climb ladders, crawl, and shimmy across monkey bars. Garfield's kickable pal Odie makes an appearance, as does the world's cutest kitten, Nermal. With 19 unusual enemies - among them pie-throwing monkeys, angry carrots, and an oversized alley cat with designs on rolling Garfield flat - the game will challenge players of all ages.