Most of you will have guessed that something is different. Well we can now show off the latest revision of games xtreme.

The latest revision features a whole new way to handle the members section, including full collection, wish list and now playing game lists. Not content with that, we also have a tracking list which will email you whenever we add or update details of game, including new screenshots, downloads, and articles.

Users can also load thier avatar to the site so no more problems with hotlinking or offsite images. You can also include your Xbox gamercard on your profile and the new signature works with the gxBB code allowing you to show off your Xfire or similar stats (coming in a few days).

Besides the improved user area, we have a much improved forums with new features to make it work much better. The forums themselves are now on a custom full width page and the forum index shows a list of the latest topics. There is a forum jump box at the bottom of every page and when posting a new topic or message you can request a reply notification and preview the message before submitting it.

Finally, the last major change is on the GamePages themselves. Every game has a standardised panel on the right. This panel lists all of the central game information such as the publisher, developer, official site and release date. It also provides our users with options to vote for the game, add it to thier lists and even write thier own review of it.

We hope you enjoy the changes we have made. Any suggestions please post a message on the forum or send us an email.