Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. today announced the acquisition of Irrational Games, the critically acclaimed development studio behind such titles as System Shock 2 and Freedom Force. Irrational Games joins the growing team of world class development studios under the 2K Games label of Take-Two Interactive Software.

2K Games has multiple titles in development at Irrational's North American and Australian studios. The first title to be published under the 2K Games label will be Bioshock, scheduled for release in 2007 for PC and next-generation console systems.

"Irrational Games has consistently produced creative and original games in every genre they tackle," said Christoph Hartmann, Managing Director at 2K Games. "With 2K Games behind them, we're confident they will create some of the most innovative and groundbreaking titles for the next generation, led by the mind-blowing Bioshock."

"We saw a rare opportunity with Irrational Games," said Susan Lewis, VP of Business Development at 2K Games. "With titles like System Shock 2 and SWAT 4, they proved themselves to be among the best PC developers in the industry. 2K Games will provide additional resources and support to the Irrational team so they may extend their experience to deliver world class games for both PC and next-generation console systems."

"We are excited to be aligned with a publishing label like 2K Games that shares similar development goals and vision," said Ken Levine, co-founder and President of Irrational Games. "Fans will be blown away when they see the next-generation titles we are working on."