NCsoft Europe has today announced "PvP Extreme Weekend," a three-day event designed to reward the extensive Guild Wars Player Vs Player community with a dramatic "Faction" boost. Faction is the in-game currency that players use to unlock items, skills and weapon upgrades for their PvP characters.

This Faction boost will allow players to change their PvP characters' configurations with ease, as they explore the re-balanced skill sets that developer ArenaNet rolls out this Friday. The PvP Extreme Weekend will start on Friday 26th August (8am BST) and run until the morning of Monday 29th August (8am BST).

This exciting weekend is open to anyone with a Guild Wars account and to take part all anyone needs do is jump into the Tournament, a high-level arena, or a guild battle. Faction awarded will be automatically increased by a factor of five for the Tournament and Arena, and by a factor of two-and-a-half for guild battles.

"Since the introduction of Faction players have been able to progress in the game in any manner they like, be it solely in the PvP arenas or collecting Elite Skills in explorable areas," says Gaile Gray, Community Relations Manager at ArenaNet. "With this week's large-scale skill update this is the perfect opportunity for Guild Wars players to fine-tune their characters or unlock some of the rarer runes and weapon upgrades."