Today at the Leipzig Games Convention, KOCH Media announced their partnership with GSC World Publishing to distribute the PC CDROM trilogy; HEROES OF ANNIHILATED EMPIRES, developed by GSC Game World. KOCH has secured the rights for UK, Germany and Italy. The Ukrainian developer is well known for the Cossacks and American Conquest series and are currently working on the highly anticipated title, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Heroes OF Annihilated Empires is the pilot project of GSC World Publishing, the publishing arm of GSC. The game is anticipated for launch quarter one, 2006.

Heroes of Annihilated Empires is a fantasy-based PC CDROM game, blending the genres of real time strategy (RTS) and role play gaming (RPG). Players experience a living world, rich in magic and heroes; where mighty powers are involved in a global conflict. Huge armies are the forefront of the game, with thousands of troops battling on screen, capturing the feel of hit fantasy movies and their awe inspiring battle sequences. Armies are led into battle by hero characters, which can be focused upon in a RPG gaming style. An extensive arsenal of magic and character upgrades ensures a variety of game play, as players 'mould' their hero, as they accomplish hundreds of quests, both linked to the thrilling main story or side quests.

Published by GSC World Publishing, developed by GSC Game World and distributed exclusively by KOCH MEDIA, HEROES OF ANNIHILATED EMPIRES is set for launch Q1 2006. For more information on HEROES OF ANNIHILATED EMPIRES, visit the official website at: