Microsoft has released their price point for the Xbox 360 from the German Games Convention in Leipzig.

There are two versions of the console to be produced, the cheaper one that will not come with all the bells and whistles of the full version, which will retail at £209 and the expensive fully loaded version which will be £279.

Gamers can expect the full version to feature:


Wireless joypad

Remote control


The Console's launch is rumoured to be sometime in November.

Chris Lewis (Microsoft's head of home entertainment in Europe) announced that the Basic Console (Core System) will retail at: $299 in the US, 299 euros in Europe and £209 in the UK, while the more expensive system we at Games Xtreme have dubbed the: Fully Loaded System will retail at: $399, 399 euros and £279 in the UK.

No price has yet been set for games, this is to come when Microsoft announce it in Japan soon.