For those of you that don't know: the Adrenaline Vault, one of the internet's premier news/reviews and gaming sites has gone through some recent upheavals, changes and so on. The site struggled for a while, but the gamers and staff wouldn't let the dream die. Nor would I, since I happen to be a member of the forums there and have always had the greatest respect for the site - it remains one of my favourites to this day.

I am pleased to report that the site is definitely in the latter stages of a comeback, with a new Editor-in-Chief, Sean Aikins. The site is now going as strong as ever, with articles and news flooding in. The Adrenaline Vault has always been one of the sites that pride itself upon the journalistic integrity of its staff and an unbiased review standard that is indeed on a par with some of the best print magazines.

I would like to extend Games Xtreme's heartiest congratulations to the site and all involved and wish everyone a prosperous and glowing future.

If you're a veteran or a new gamer to the site, you owe it to all involved to check it out: