JoWooD has signed an agreement with Xfire to use its software in their upciming games. The first games to include Xfire support are SpellForce 2, Gothic III, Panzer Elite Action, Hotel Giant 2, The Guild 2 and Ski Racing 2005 and through Xfire gamers can meet their friends online, join their friend's games and receive all the latest information about JoWooD games, all at the same time!

"As Xfire has a significant userbase in Europe and the US it is the perfect platform to promote our games directly to our customers. We are really looking forward to this partnership which will increase the awareness of our games even more beyond Europe", said Mario Baumann, International Marketing Manager for JoWooD Productions. "This cooperation is the launch pad for a great partnership with Xfire".

"Xfire is very excited to work with JoWooD", said Mike Cassidy, CEO of Xfire. "This partnership will ensure that JoWooD's gamers will be able to find each other online while increasing JoWooD's presence with Xfire's more than 2 million registered gamers' community."