With New York renowned for its reputation as the city that never sleeps, these new screenshots reveals the other side of New York as its inhabitants go about their daily lives in the upcoming PC game Tycoon City: New York, published by Atari this November.

With its iconic Brownstone terraced houses from the Upper West Side of Manhattan, instantly recognisable from such televise on shows as Sex & The City and The Cosby Show, this could only be New York. Bustling streets of New Yorkers stopping to meet friends at their favourite café or deli, neighbourhood basketball courts in a state of readiness for the next one-on-one contest to see 'who's got game', local shops trading late in to the evening, up-and-coming bands playing outdoor gigs in local parks in front of enthusiastic audiences, this is the living, breathing, day-to-day side of neighbourhood New York as seen through the eyes of its inhabitants in Tycoon City: New York.