In the upcoming City of Heroes expansion, Issue 5: "Forest of Dread," which is free to current subscribers, the long awaited archery and sonic power sets arrive for blasters, controllers and defenders. Following are details of the new power sets.

1. Sonic Powers

1.1 Sonic Blast

Sonic Blast is a Ranged Blast set. It is shared by Blasters and Defenders. Its inherent secondary effect is to debuff a target's damage resistance.

1. Shriek: You let forth a quick Shriek, damaging your target and weakening his Damage Resistance.

2. Scream: Your Scream can cause serious damage to a target, while weakening his resistance to further damage.

3. Howl: A short range, but powerful sonic attack.

4. Shockwave: You can call forth a tremendous Shockwave that can knock down foes and deal some Smashing damage in a wide cone area.

5. Shout: You blast your foe with a tremendous Shout, damaging him and reducing his Damage Resistance.

6. Amplify

7. Sirens Song: You send forth a subsonic pulse which causes your foes to fall unconscious and take some damage.

8. Screech: By bursting forth with this hypersonic Screech, you can disorient a target.

9. Dreadful Wail: Your Dreadful Wail is so strong that most foes will be defeated by being subjected to it. Dreadful Wail deals massive damage to all nearby foes, although the damage does vary.

1.2 Sonic Debuff

Sonic Debuff is a Buff/Debuff set. It is shared by Defenders and Controllers.

1. Sonic Barrier - This shield dramatically reduces the damage an ally takes from Smashing, Lethal, and Toxic attacks for a limited time.

2. Sonic Haven - This shield dramatically reduces the damage an ally takes from Fire, Cold, Energy, and Negative Energy attacks for a limited time

3. Sonic Cage - Encases the target in an impenetrable field of sonic waves. The target cannot attack or be attacked.

4. Sonic Siphon - By setting up a constant vibration within the body of your foe, you weaken his Damage Resistance. Affected targets will take more damage from successful attacks.

5. Disruption Field - You set up a constant wave of sonic energy around an ally, weakening the Damage Resistance of all nearby foes.

6. Clarity - By bouncing a carefully pitched sound wave off an ally's ear drum, you can free him from any Disorient, Hold, Sleep, Confusion, Terrorize, or Immobilize effects, and leave him resistant to such effects for a good while.

7. Sonic Repulsion - You create a powerful sonic resonance around an ally, repelling all foes nearby.

8. Sonic Dispersion - You create a large field of sonic waves, protecting all allies inside.

9. Liquefy - You unleash a barrage of sonic waves on the Earth itself, generating a powerful, localized earthquake. Most foes that pass through the location will fall down. The violent shaking also reduces their Accuracy and Defense.

2. Archery Powers

2.1 Archery

Archery is a Ranged Blast set. It is shared by Blasters and Defenders.

1. Snap Shot - A quick attack that fires an arrow at your foe after only minimal aiming. Fast, but little damage.

2. Aimed Shout - Though it takes longer to execute, your Aimed Shot deals greater damage than the Quick Shot.

3. Fistful of Arrows - You fire a fistful of arrows at foes in a cone in front of you. Good at close range.

4. Flaming Arrow - You fire a Blazing Arrow at your foe, dealing some Lethal damage and causing him to catch on fire and burn.

5. Aim - Greatly increases the Accuracy of your attacks for a few seconds. Slightly increases damage.

6. Exploding Arrow - You fire a grenade-tipped arrow at long range. This explosion affects all within the blast radius, and can knock them back.

7. Ranged Shot - A long range shot that blasts your foes. Like most sniper attacks, this power has a bonus to Accuracy, but is best fired from a distance as it can be interrupted.

8. Stunning Shot - You fire a blunt, weighted arrow at your target's chest. The Stunning Shot has a good chance of stunning your foe.

9. Rain of Arrows - You unleash a Rain of Arrows on a targeted location, damaging foes within a large area.

2.2 Trick Arrow

Trick Arrows is a Buff/Debuff set for Defenders only.

1. Entangling Arrow - Upon impact, the Entangling Arrow releases a strong net that can Immobilize most targets. The Entangling Arrow can bring down flying entities and halts jumping.

2. Ice Arrow - This arrow can freeze a single foe in a block of ice. The target is frozen solid, helpless, and can be attacked.

3. Glue Arrow - This arrow carries a cartridge of intensely sticky glue, which explodes on impact. The glue Slows the movement and attack rates of any foes in the area.

4. Flash Arrow - This arrow explodes in a dazzling flash of light and sound. The targets are so blinded that they can hardly see a thing.

5. Poison Gas Arrow - This arrow carries a capsule cloud of poisonous gas, which explodes on impact and weakens all foes in its vicinity. Some foes will be rendered completely helpless.

6. Acid Arrow - This arrow explodes in a shower of acid on impact. This acid eats through armor, causing damage over time.

7. Disruption Arrow - This arrow plants a sonic resonator at a target location. The vibrations of the resonator weaken the damage resistance of all nearby foes.

8. Oil Slick Arrow - On impact, this arrow creates an oil slick that slows foes in the area and many cause them to slip and fall. The oil slick is very flammable and may burst into flames if fire is used near it.

9. EM Pulse Arrow - This arrow can unleash a massive pulse of electromagnetic energy on impact. This EMP can affect machines, and is even powerful enough to affect synaptic brain patterns. It will incapacitate all foes in its radius. Additionally, most machines and robots will take moderate high damage.