SEGA and Sports Interactive are once again running the 'Get your face in Football Manager' competition, where one lucky fan will get the chance to feature as a player or member of staff in FM 2006.

"Football Manager 2006 runs for multiple seasons, during which time player's age and eventually retire. "Face In The Game" allows Sports Interactive to take specific details from their fans, such as a photograph, name, date of birth and favourite club, and use these details to create "regenerated" players, which ensures that there is always a pool of players for managers to work with."

"When we ran this competition last year, we never imagined it would have been so popular with our fans", says Miles Jacobson, Managing Director of Sports Interactive. "Doing this again is a perfect way for us to say a big thank you to everyone for their support, particularly in the last eighteen months."


There are a few restrictions as to the style of photos, which are acceptable, for example the shots should not contain any team colours. Also, as regenerated players are usually aged between 18 and 22, only photos, which represent people within that age range, will be used to depict the players. All other photos supplied will be used to represent either coaches or physios.

For more information including details of the size and composition of acceptable photos are available at

In Addition to the "Face In The Game" competition, SI Games have also announced some new features for the PC version of Football Manager 2006, we are promised more feature at a later date, but in the meantime, check out the list below:

  • Increased Tactical Options - You can now tweak tactics even further, with options for players to interchange positions, more specific target man instructions and even time wasting!

  • Formation Panel on Match Screen - Updated Live, this is an easy way to see the formations of both your team and your competitor at the same time without having to pause the match.

  • Virtual Player Contracts - When managing clubs at the lowest level, the pool of available talent is often a little thin - this feature now allows you to offer contracts to "Virtual" players that the game generates for teams playing outside the football pyramid in the lower leagues or in your reserve or junior team and therefore give them an opportunity to play on the bigger stage

  • Snapshot - A great new screen in the game that gives you a homepage of all of the info that you need as a manager - budgets, forthcoming fixtures, a competition overview, team stats and lots more.

  • Key Highlight Replays in Match Engine - Key highlights are now instantly replayed for those managers who want to pick every move apart.

  • New Shirt Graphics - With licenses galore, there will be more real life kits in FM2005 than any previous Sports Interactive football title.

  • Man Of The Match News - A new regular news item giving feedback on the man of the match for youth & reserve games, as well as key first team matches.