Bizarre Creations have posted an update on thier site about the points covered at the Xbox Summit 2005 in Japan for their Xbox 360 racer Project Gotham Racing 3. The points, which you can find below, describe the changes bewteen PGR3 and the previous games, they also highlight some new features for the game:

  • The new Route Creator allows you to design your own tracks, and share them online over Xbox Live.

  • It is now possible to drive any car, at any time. You can buy your favourite super car at the beginning of your career, and use it right through to the completion of the game if you wish.

  • 80 high-powered automobiles are featured in PGR3. You'll be able to drive the most desirable collection of super cars ever featured in a game, such as the Ferrari 430, the Lamborghini Gallardo, and the McLaren F1 LM.

  • Fully motion captured, 3d crowds react to your racing. They will cheer the cars as they race past, and move away from the barriers if you crash.

  • Our new sound engine uses 30 individual samples; this is 3 times more than in PGR2.

  • On average, each car is rendered using 80,000 polygons. This consists of approximately 40,000 for the interior, and 40,000 for the exterior. To put this in perspective, PGR2 used only 10,000 polys per car.

  • Along a similar sort of lines, the geometry of only the Brooklyn Bridge structure uses the same number of polygons as an entire city in PGR1.