Black Bean have today announced they have won a pan European publishing deal with 2By3 Games to release the dynamic WWII turn-based strategy game, Gary Grigsby's World at War on the PC.

"World at War allows players to relive all the epic battles of WWII in four full length scenarios which feature taking command of air, naval, and land combat units. The player will also need to carefully manage resources needed to build military hardware which need to last the duration of the war. Choose between 5 different armies comprising German, Japanese, Soviet, Chinese, or Western Alliance troops and lead their armies to victory by honing abilities in research and development to build larger, more powerful combat units, and carefully tailor strategies several turns in advance in a bid to actively recreate or change the outcome of the key moments in history."

Marco Minoli, Head of Marketing at Black Bean said, "This is a fantastically in depth WWII turn-based strategy game that will test the players capacity for military command. The title has already performed well with US media and we expect to mirror its critical success in Europe."