Ascaron have released some more details and screenshots for thier third person action title, El Matador:

Become El Matador!

You, El Matador, will progress through a story which weaves its way throughout the adventure, combin combining all the essential features of unexpected surprise, unexpected plot twists and dramatic developments.

A huge arrival of South-American cocaine is expected in the USA. It's This is not just any one narco-baron activity, but an attempt to gain control over the drug market in the USA of by a newly established brotherhood called "La Hermandad" to gain control over the drug market in the USA. El Matador will have to fight not only against the dangerous Latin Narcomafia, but also against the betrayal of his own people.

It El Matador is an impressive thriller full of corruption, revenge, mortal ambiguity and ultimate justice set in varied locations of Costa Rica, Cuba, Columbia and many more exciting places, inspired by real environments in the region.


# Diverse South American environment.

# Huge arsenal of weapons.

# Interactive environment with destructible objects.

# Thrilling movie-like storyline.

# Fascinating range of enemies (from the drug cartels' bosses to simple gang members).

# Hierarchical AI system.

# Real physics and rag doll effects.

# Engine animations with atmosphere building effectsEngine animation and comics which build the atmosphere.