UbiSoft have released a new versus multiplayer map for the PC and Xbox versions of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. The new map, called Steel Squat, is set in Brooklyn, New York and features "innovative level design that combines both indoor and outdoor gameplay that pushes the capabilities of both Spies and Mercenaries to their limits."

To download the PC version go [url=http://downloads.ubi.com/download.php?id=132]here[/url].

Xbox users, who can download the map via Xbox Live, also get an auto-update that fixes the following:

Lights: Correction on light status on clients.

Description: Some lights were not replicated correctly depending on clients or host (some lights could appear to be 'On' instead of 'Off').

Lights: Correction on coronas display.

Description: Coronas lights were not activated on the retail Xbox version of the game.

Bombing mode and radar: Host doesn't see anymore where bombs are placed on the radar. He has to seek for it, just like the clients.

Aquarius map: In "Aquarius" map, a Mercenary grabbed by a Spy doesn't get stuck in the crunching box: it dies with the Spy.

Description: Some mercenaries were stuck in a box in Aquarius map.

Alternate rules and ranking mode: It's no longer possible to play ranking games when alternate rules are set

Description: It was possible to play with alternate rules in ranking mode. Use alternate rules, choose some option, then activate the ranking mode.

Tutorial mode: Tutorial mode appears clearly for everyone in the lobby

Description: Now if the tutorial mode is set, the message appears clearly on the screen and the clients are set to "Not Ready".

Spy bullet: Correction on some Spy bullets that were not working properly.

Description: Sometimes, there was a glitch on Spy bullets if you used them first on a wall, then on a Mercenary.

Camera detectors: Correction on Camera that always displays its detection information.

Description: On "ClubHouse" and "Factory" maps, the camera was always displaying detection information, if a spy was killed while being detected.