Mythic Entertainment have announced that they are postponing development of their alternative-earth MMORPG Imperator after conducting an internal review of the project.

The postponement of the project will not result in any staff losses as they being re-assigned to other in-house projects, including the latest Dark Age of Camelot expansion, Darkness Rising and the new Warhammer MMORPG, which was announced this May.

The company was also planning to open a European publishing office, but this has been postponed as well. Mythic states that they will "perform an internal reassessment of the game's features and make a decision on how to proceed with its development in the future."

Mark Jacobs, CEO and president of Mythic Entertainment comments, "This was the most difficult decision that we have ever had to make, however, our tremendous success with 'Dark Age of Camelot' set the standard for Mythic of releasing nothing less than triple-A games, and 'Imperator' was simply not meeting that standard."

"Our team made a tremendous effort with the game and the praise it drew at E3 and in previews reflected their skill and dedication," Jacobs continued. "But in the final analysis it just wasn't great enough to be a Mythic game at this time."