A 14 year old has developerd a glove that is specifically developed for use by gamers. The glove tackles the age old problem of hands slipping on the smooth surface of the controllers, by wearing the glove, players will be able to grip the pad like never before.

The glove is made from nylon/lycra and is designed to be thin so that it feels as if the glove is not there, it is also fingerless so you dont lose the feeling while tapping the buttons. For the design concious gamers it comes in three colours, Black/Yellow, Black/Red and Black/Blue.

"I take my video games seriously. I think most players do. With my dad's help, we've come up with a radical looking glove that's made with a super sticky palm that grips the controller like nothing else, and it looks really, really cool, too! All of my friends use it."

"I know I'm a kid and all, but my goal is to get this glove into the hands of players everywhere, and make this the biggest thing. That would be very cool. I'm really proud I helped invent the GameHand. You gotta love the glove!"

The glove is currently priced at $19.95 a pair (£11) and can be bought [url=http://www.gamehandglove.com/]here[/url].