Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 Xbox auto-update 1 is now available. This update includes the following features:

· Fixed the looping machine gun sound.

· The second local player on a client machine can now use voice chat.

· In multiplayer, killed characters more consistently play the correct death animation.

· A client's view of other player's orientation is now much more accurate.

This update will take place automatically when you connect to Xbox Live and is only applicable to online players.


We're happy to announce the release of the Pacific Fighters free add-on! 4.01 introduces the next generation pre-Battle of Britain Flight Model (FM), in this add-on we are introducing a part of the FM from our next simulation (BoB) for worldwide open beta test in our current engine. The flight model in the version 4.01 has already been extensively tested by nearly 40 real pilots from around the world and we received very positive feedback.

Also in 4.01 is new aircraft, new clouds, new maps, some fixes, and much more! To download it, head over to our updates page.