The First Xbox Live Global Tournament is over and as a result we have the First Xbox Live Halo 2 World Champion, King Tuur of the Netherlands. Beating over 50,000 Halo 2 players worldwide, though I doubt he beat all of them, the final match came down to players from Japan and the Netherlands competing for the overall Grand Champion title.

"The six global finalists (in alphabetical order) were: aimitux of Japan, ii Cabel ii of Australia, King Tuur of the Netherlands, L Terry15 L of the United States, ll Theos ll of France, and Pr0gamer of Germany. The final match started off with both "Halo" masters searching for the other in heated gameplay, but King Tuur proved too much for Japan's aimitux. Once in the lead, King Tuur never relented and in the end he walked away with the coveted title.

The first tournament of its kind on a console, this contest included players from each of Xbox Live's 24 regions worldwide, with the competition played entirely online via Xbox Live."

For winning the regional championship in the Netherlands, King Tuur received the following prizes:

# A half-size Master Chief Statue.

# Personalized Xbox Live Halo 2 Championship sweatshirt and Regional Champion Plaque.

# A Samsung Camcorder.

For winning the Xbox Live "Halo 2" World Championship, King Tuur received the following prizes:

# A 50' Samsung Flat Screen DLP HDTV.

# A Samsung DVD Player/Recorder.

# A Personalized Xbox Live Halo 2 Global Champion Trophy featuring a gold Halo 2 game disc.

# The U.S. equivalent of $1,500 in cash.