Codemasters have released some more information about the New Transfer System in their upcoming Football Management Sim, LMA Manager 2006. The new system is meant to bring greater depth and more realism when signing players and new player-search and scouting options will help identify your target.

"With LMA Manager 2006's new game and database engine providing the power, the new Player Transfer system delivers greater depth and more realism than ever before.

The system's new player-search and scouting options will help identify your target. You can then use all the shrewdness of a modern manager, thanks to a brand new series of dealmakers to persuade the biggest clubs to allow their star striker to talk to you. Staggered payments, player swap-deals, sell-on fees, transfers in advance and appearance bonuses are all introduced, making for the most sophisticated transfer negotiation system ever.

Every manager in LMA Manager 2006 is truly an individual thanks to the brand new artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI determines exactly how the board of your rival club will respond to the deal and how aggressively they'll negotiate.

As well as looking at the deal on the table, clubs will assess exactly how highly they rate each player, both now and also future potential.

They'll consider who's injured or banned in their team right now before deciding if the squad has sufficient depth to do without a specific player and whether their board's finance director would explode if they didn't accept your offer!

The AI also manages how astute your rivals are in playing the transfer market and whether they can tell a Brazilian wonder kid from a carthorse.

And that's just the club dealt with. Next comes the delicate contract negotiations with the prima donna striker himself... and his agent. Of course, you can offer a generous contract with a whole slew of personal bonuses and intricate clauses, but the object of your attention will also be assessing your club reputation, your ambitions, and style of play.

He'll also deliberate over whether he'd get regular first-team football and even if he has friends at your club before signing on the dotted line. How unhappy he is at his current club can also tip the balance for you, so keeping an eye on the news headlines in the new "Football One" media section can certainly pay off."