Codemasters have today announced the release of another TOCA based game, TOCA Race Driver. We have also posted up 5 screenshots which came with the press release, these are available here. The press release follows:

    The TOCA series is one of the games industry's most successful entertainment brands. The advent of TOCA Race Driver marks a true convergence of racing gaming and cinematic experience as the title becomes the first licence based racer to introduce a character and plot-driven narrative with both on and off-circuit developments.

    Due in 2002 for PlayStation 2, PC CD-ROM and other next-generation platforms, TOCA Race Driver is the evolution of Codemasters' critically acclaimed TOCA Touring Car series, which has shipped over 3.5 million copies.

    Says Gavin Raeburn, Codemasters' Studio Head and Producer of the TOCA series:

    "It's no longer sufficient or exciting to deliver a new edition of a best-selling franchise that just recreates previous editions on a new format.

    "We have got to move on from the expectation that a sequel can be justified by simply adding more cars and tracks. With TOCA Race Driver we want to move the whole racing genre forward by delivering a very personal experience that the gamer can passionately connect with."

    Retaining the series' core values of close-contact racing with real cars, real teams, real track, real drivers and an astounding damage engine, TOCA Race Driver introduces a character-based narrative and egory is hugely competitive, Codemasters' reputation as one of the world's leading driving game developers ensures that TOCA Race Driver will be one of the most anticipated and successful multi-format racing titles of next year."

    TOCA Race Driver is currently in development at Codemasters with a team of 45 working on it. The title will launch on PlayStation 2, PC and other platforms in 2002.