Guild Wars' success continues this week in the UK and ArenaNet says it isnt stopping there. Currently occupying the No.1 spot in the UK charts, Guild Wars is also riding high at the top of the French, German, Spanish, Scandinavian and North American charts.

"The success of Guild Wars in Europe and North America has been fantastic," says Dirk Metzger, Marketing Director, NCsoft Europe. "The high demand for retail copies is certainly keeping us busy - but in a good way."

On another note, ArenaNet have updated the Guild Wars Rules of Conduct after some users were operating casinos and other gambling schemes. According to the official site, they will "be blocking the accounts of those who advertise or operate casinos or other gambling schemes within the game, Players should be aware that casinos are a breach of the Rules of Conduct, as is the advertisement or promotion of cheats, hacks, of exploits. None of these things will be accepted within Guild Wars."