Ubisoft have released some details about an expansion pack for their popular construction-based strategy game The Settlers: Heritage of Kings. The expansion pack extends the story of the original game with a fresh campaign, additional units and buildings, new gameplay features, a map editor and three exclusive heroes.


After Kerberos┬┤ defeat, the Old Kingdom is led by its legitimate leader, Dario. His realm has regained peace since the evil attack of the Dark Knight and is prospering in harmony. But not the whole of the kingdom is peaceful. Rebellions have been reported from a construction site and one of Dario's closest companions has been murdered. A new danger appears clearly on the horizon, and once again it is Dario who has to fight for his heritage and the peace of his country's residents.

Developed by Blue Byte, The Settlers: Heritage of Kings Expansion Disk will be available in stores on 24th June 2005.

Game features include:

- A fresh campaign : Discover a mysterious and unknown land and decide its fate in nine missions.

- Original Single and Multiplayer maps: Play on more than ten single and multiplayer maps.

- Three exclusive playable heroes: Three characters will fight with Dario throughout the campaign and in multiplayer games- one good, one evil and one hero who changes from Saulus to Paulus.

- Build bridges: This new gameplay feature enables players to build bridges at several points on the maps to gain a strategical advantage for exploiting resources or in battle (stone bridges, drawbridges, plus one special mission bridge).

- Brand-new fighting unit: Riflemen.

- Enhancement of landscapes and weather effects: swamps and steppe landscapes create a different, mystical dark atmosphere.

- Map editor: enables the player to create his own scenarios.