3D Realms have partnered with Game xStream to offer Online Distribution of Prey in a similar fashion to the way Half-Life 2 was distributed via Valves Steam technology. 3D Realms will be offering a demo version of Prey, available exclusively through Game xStream, before its commercial release. Once in commercial release, gamers will be able to purchase the game online through Game xStream.

"Game xStream is the only on demand service that can give consumers the ability to play a sophisticated game like Prey minutes after purchase," said 3D Realms co-founder Scott Miller. "We look forward to using Game xStream in the future as an important method of getting our games to consumers."

Terry Nagy, Vice President of Business Development for Game xStream commented, "Together 3D Realms and Game xStream are ushering in a whole new secure delivery platform that gives consumers the ability to play a game within minutes of release, Working with 3D Realms on the first online distribution of the high profile release of Prey is a strong vote of confidence for the Game xStream service."

Goto http://www.gamexstream.com/ for full information on the Game xStream service.