PHANTAGRAM'S KINGDOM UNDER FIRE: THE CRUSADERS stomped onto the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft® in 2004; marching to a heavy rock soundtrack, slashing and hacking its way up the console charts. Launched by DEEP SILVER in the UK, Phantagram are once again uniting forces with the publisher, for the imminent sequel, KINGDOM UNDER FIRE: HEROES. The sequel boasts impressive graphics, larger armies, diverse battlefields, enhanced Xbox® Live™ features and most importantly a greater number of hero characters, each with special moves and powers to discover. Only through the player's mastery of their hero character, will they lead their forces to victory, covering the lands in darkness or banishing the shadows forever.

"Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders was a run away success for both Phantagram and Deep Silver last year," commented Craig McNicol, MD of KOCH Media, Deep Silver's parent company. "The sequel promises all that made the original great; and then some. Xbox gamers will certainly not be disappointed, when they take to the battlefield this Christmas."

KINGDOM UNDER FIRE: HEROES will be on show at DEEP SILVER'S E³ stand, 724 in the South Hall.