Black Hole Entertainment and AOX Tactics have teamed up to launch a massive online player tournament for Armies of Exigo based on the Multiplayer Demo.

Armies of Exigo is a RTS game developed by Black Hole Games specially for players who are fond of RTS games which require both Macro and Micro skills.

Online registration for the Armies of Exigo MP Demo Tournament is now open at, and the event will start on April 30 at 16:00 GMT (11:00 EST, 08:00 PST, 01:00 SEOUL).

Accoridng to the tournament website, the following prizes are available:

# 5 Retail versions of Armies of Exigo for TOP 5 players.

# Posters.

# Cash prize: ($20 + donations) for the tourney Winner.

# Something else?

The multi-player demo can be downloaded from the following locations: