[Ghost Recon 2]


Ghost Recon 2 add-on has been announced for Xbox: http://www.ghostrecon.com/uk/newspost.php?id=10622

[Splinter Cell]


The Splinter Cell Organised Chaos site has launched, giving details about all the future Organised Chaos events: http://www.splintercell.com/uk/organisedchaos.php


NSA training video 8 has been released: http://www.splintercell.com/uk/splintercellchaostheory/videos.php

[Rainbow Six]


The Rainbow Six Insurgence comic has had new pages released: http://www.rainbowsixgame.com/uk/lockdown/

[Brothers in Arms]


Brothers In Arms patch 1.03 has been released: http://brothersinarmsgame.com/uk/fullpost.php?id=10568