Just hot off the press from my buddy at August One, I got sent this tantilising tid-bit of Information to do with the game Myst III Exile, the game itself should be out on Sept the 7th.


MYST III: EXILE introduces a new villain, a bitter man whose home world was destroyed by Sirrus and Achenar, the sons of Atrus and Catherine, whom players originally encountered in MYST. Played by Academy Award nominee Brad Dourif (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), the villain has been hiding on Atrus' Ages, awaiting his chance to gain revenge.

Inadvertently, Atrus himself provided the chance. He and Catherine reestablished contact with the D'ni, a race of people whose knowledge enables them to write the special linking Books first encountered in MYST. Atrus hopes to see D'ni civilization restored to its full potential, and his efforts to do so provide the perfect impetus for a man whose heart seems bent completely on revenge.

The player must track the villain through several surrealistic Ages, navigating puzzles to uncover the truth behind this new adversary. Only then can disaster be averted, and the fate of thousands ultimately determined.


Building on the surreal style of Myst and Riven, Myst III: Exile features five fantastic ages or worlds for players to investigate and explore, including:


Atrus and Catherine's new home, Tomahna sits like a flowering oasis at the edge of a rolling desert landscape.


Sometimes described as a rock-climber's paradise, J'nanin is an elliptical-shaped island in which towering granite cliffs and strange, tusk-like formations surround a freshwater caldera.


Voltaic is a dusty world of sand and sky, water and wind; a place where strange, obviously manmade constructions poke out of an otherwise dry and desolate landscape.


A sweeping mechanical wonderland in the middle of an endless black sea, Amateria's terrain combines basalt columns and geyser-formed mud pots with some of Atrus' most sophisticated inventions.


Possibly inspired by dreams of paradise lost, Edanna is best described as an inward-growing tree whose massive, hollow trunk creates the perfect growing environment for a variety of exotic plant and animal ecosystems.

And in something totally non related, I saw Pitch Black last night on DVD and I was totally blown away by it, so go out and get that, rent or buy it and be amazed at how cool it is. Be something do to while you wait for Myst III Exile. Cheers.

We'll have some screenies for you pretty soon.