A massive update on the Ubisoft news front today folks, brings us ever closer to the elusive Chaos Theory than ever before with a new NSA manual from the Penny Arcade guys as one of the features.

[Silent Hunter III]


The third tutorial video has now been released demonstrating the deck gun - 3rd tutorial video demonstrating the deck gun

[Community Day]

Coverage and photos of Saturday's community day is now live on the website - Community Day Photos!

[Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory]


A brand new Mega 64 video has been released - Make with the clicking!


A new Spy Manual by the Penny Arcade guys has now been released - Sam will kill you if you don't click here!

[Cold Fear]


A new video showing Aggressive AI in Cold Fear is now on the website - Click here for: BraaaaaaaaaainS!


Seven new screenshots are also now available - And here for more: BraiIIiinS!

[Rayman DS]


The Rayman DS trailer is now live on the raymanzone website - Go on poke the link!