I know everyone is salivating over what the next generation console games will look like. Theirs much talk on many forums. However EA have let this one slip, two shots form future games, The first I would say is the NextGen Need for Speed, and the second some NFL game, Probably John Madden’s. The poster of the article ( EA reveal PS3 and Xbox Next screens) claims EA is not saying what console they are from. However suspicion leads me to believe, hence the title of this news, that they are from the X-Box 2.

I say this because as of this article the only development kits to ship are the ones for the X-box 2. The Sony Cell processor is still in prototyping stage and they don’t have any working hardware let alone solid specs on the PS3.

So the question begs to be asked, if these are X-box 2 screen as many suspect why not admit it. I guess the answer has to do with marketing. They are edging their bets as they know what the X-box 2 and XNA are capable of, but only have wild speculation and rumour to work on with the PS3. So at the end of the day if they don’t say which NextGen console they are from they can put a spin on the marketing if the PS3 is better than the X-box 2, or reduce the graphics quality if the PS3 is worse, and say they were preliminary renders. Either way not specifying leave it very vague and in the open so the Spin Doctors (not the funk rock band) can come in.

Anyway I have already made up my mind as to which company get my money, I think Microsoft wins again, as the rumour of the X-Pod being the hard drive for the X-box 2, means I can get a portable MP3 player as well as an X-box 2 with a hard drive.