Morning, as you can see we have launched a new design of the website. This new version includes a host of new features, mostly to help with navigation but also some others we hope you will find useful.

The first of these you probably saw straight away is the new front page, which is designed to show as much up to date content without the need to scroll half a mile. Other features include filtering certain sections of the website by platform, interconnected game related pages (basically a tabbed system to show you what information we have available for a game), new (better) user area and finally some forums for you lot to chat on. There are a host of other features that have not yet been released but you can bet your bottom dollar we are busy working on them and should have them out in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, please feel free to browse around as usual and if you have any bugs to report or comments/suggestions you would like to make on the new site, please head to the official thread here.