Digital Jesters have announced that they are to publish the next instalment in the Chaos League series, Chaos League: Sudden Death.

The game, which is currently in development at Paris based Cyanide Studios continues where the last game left off, bringing with it a load of improvements and enhancements. Amongst the improvements are new races, new grounds, 19 additional hero characters, improved commentary, additional in game options such as auto spell casting... and the ability to beat up the referee! In multiplayer mode, opponents can taunt eachother via microphone and fresh tournament modes can be managed to create almost limitless leagues.

Leo Zullo, marketing director at Digital Jesters comments, "Chaos League was a fresh face in the world of real-time strategy sports games, bringing a sense of humour and cartoon violence to the genre like never before. Sudden Death is bigger, better, faster and more bloody in every sense, and we're sure it'll appeal to both old and new players alike."