THQ let it be known that they are working on a sequel to the Incredibles video game.

The new game, which is not yet titled is being developed for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, Gameboy Advance, DS, PSP and PC/Mac and will be available this autumn.

Jack Sorensen, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Studios, THQ explains... "Our ability to work with Disney and Pixar in creating this all new videogame based on the extremely popular Incredibles property demonstrates the depth of THQ's relationship with the talented teams at Disney and Pixar, This next installment in the videogame series will give millions of fans worldwide the opportunity to interact with Mr. Incredible and many other beloved Incredibles characters in a brand new adventure this fall."

THQ's Heavy Iron Studios will develop the next console versions of The Incredibles and the company's Nintendo handheld studio Helixe, will develop the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS versions. THQ's PSP exclusive studio, Pacific Coast Power & Light, will develop the PSP version of the game.