Nintendo have annouced that the Nintendo DS will be available to buy in the UK on 11 March at the estimated retail price of around £99. The initial shipment of Nintendo DS for launch will also be bundled with a playable demo version of Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt.

Initally, there will be a total of 15 games available including Super Mario 64 DS, Polarium, WarioWare Touched! and Pokémon Dash from Nintendo, plus Rayman DS (Ubisoft), Project Rub (SEGA), The URBZ: Sims in the City (EA) and Spider-Man 2 (Activision). These games will cost between £19 and £29 depending on the specific title.

Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo Co., Ltd, comments on the new handheld console:

    "Europe is an extremely important market for Nintendo, and we are pleased we can offer such a short period of time between the US and European launch. We believe that the Nintendo DS will change the way people play video games and our mission remains to expand the game play experience. Nintendo DS caters for the needs of all gamers whether for more dedicated gamers who want the real challenge they expect, or the more casual gamers who want quick, pick up and play fun."