Launch Date and MSRP:

Nov. 21, 2004, in North America ($149.99).

Dec. 2, 2004, in Japan (¥15,000).

Q1 2005 in Europe and Australia (No official price but we estimate £85 - £90 or even lower based on conversions of the above prices).

Size (when closed):

148.7 millimeters (5.85 inches) wide, 84.7 millimeters (3.33 inches) long, 28.9 millimeters (1.13 inches) tall.

Top Screen:

A backlit, 3-inch, semitransparent reflective TFT color LCD with 256 x 192 pixel resolution and .24 mm dot pitch, capable of displaying 260,000 colors.

Touch Screen:

Same specs as top screen, but with a transparent analog touch screen.

Wireless Communication:

IEEE 802.11 and Nintendo's proprietary format; wireless range is 30 to 100 feet, depending on circumstances; multiple users can play multiplayer games using just one DS Game Card.


Touch screen, embedded microphone for voice recognition, A/B/X/Y face buttons, plus control pad, L/R shoulder buttons, Start and Select buttons.


Ports for both Nintendo DS Game Cards and Game Boy Advance Game Paks, terminals for stereo headphones and microphone.

Other features:

Embedded PictoChat software that allows up to 16 users to chat at once; embedded real-time clock; date, time and alarm; touch-screen calibration.


One ARM9 and one ARM7.


Stereo speakers providing virtual surround sound, depending on the software.


Lithium ion battery delivering six to 10 hours of play on a four-hour charge, depending on use; power-saving sleep mode; AC adapter.


English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian.


Silver and black.